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Intellectual property




To my horror, I seem to have spent quite a lot of time recently reading about and thinking about the philosophy of IP law. A year ago, I would have rolled my eyes and edged away from anyone who said something at once so pompous and so dull. At heart, I am a realist, a pragmatist. I’m primarily interested in knowing things that will help my clients win. Until recently, I took a ruthlessly...



I know, I know – we are all intellectual property specialists; we have the words ‘intellectual property’ sprinkled liberally throughout our websites; we read intellectual property articles and cases; we go to intellectual property conferences…. And yet. “Intellectual property” is just a catch-all, a voluminous handbag filled with largely unrelated items, some...

books for ip geeks: uncle tungsten


The other day one of our kids asked, “Mum, if you love Oliver Sacks so much, why don’t you marry him?” Well, quite a number of reasons really.  Sadly, he’s now dead.  And he was gay.  And too old for me.  Plus, unilateral adulation isn’t the healthiest basis for a relationship.  And he did have his demons – he was a complicated person.  Also, I already...

DIY IP DISPUTE RESOLUTION: use of independent expert lawyers


Good news for parties looking to set up a quick and hopefully-not-too-dirty private IP dispute resolution procedure – they seem to work. The High Court has scrutinised one such arrangement carefully, in the context of an application to set aside a statutory demand for damages and costs flowing from the decision of an independent expert IP lawyer, and it all stacked up (Beacham Parts &...

on collegiality


If I’m honest, part of the reason I came back to the Bar after nearly six years hearing cases at IPONZ was that I was a bit lonely. I really did like lots of things about that role. I loved running hearings, and I got huge satisfaction from the way patiently untangling each aspect of the law and the facts would usually lead to a clear overall answer. It seemed like magic – the slow...



The topic that everyone seems to be talking about, everywhere you turn, is access to justice. My conscience was pricked at a cocktail party talk last year by Dr Bridgette Toy-Cronin from the University of Otago’s Legal Issues Centre. She threw down the gauntlet to a room full of sleek civil litigators, challenging them to help a broader sweep of litigants, especially those of limited means...

Jane Glover Barrister – Mediator – Adjudicator

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